About us

Truco Engine is a full service automotive machine shop located in Buffalo, NY.

Truco Engine is a second generation business, which has provided superior machine work and services for more than forty years. The business started in 1969 by James O’Connor, who built championship hydroplane racing engines. Since the beginning Truco Engine has worked to service all types of engines and components, and today we have capabilities to machine and repair almost any internal combustion engine. We have the ability to machine most engine components in house and pay close attention to quality. Truco engine machines crankshafts, cylinder heads, connecting rods, cylinder blocks and other components. Truco Engine also rebuilds a wide variety of complete engines to meet customer demands.

Truco engine can machine and rebuild engines from a small lawn mower up to a semi-truck and beyond. All engines receive the same attention to detail and comprehensive customer service that Truco Engine has offered since the beginning. Truco engine also sources and sells a wide variety of engine parts. We aim to only sell top quality parts and service. If you have an engine to be rebuilt or repaired please give us a call or email with your engine machining and rebuilding needs, we are happy to help!